• LGAS_Program Planning
  • 07/11/2024-12:00
  • 07/11/2024-13:00
  • Program Plans are the backbone of your work and your grant proposal. Join us to think through the essential details and important questions that will create a winning model!

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  • LGAS_How to Work with a Grant Writer
  • 07/23/2024-12:00
  • 07/23/2024-13:00
  • In this Live Grant Assistance, we will discuss how to work with a grant writer. The presentation will include an overview of collaboration techniques, roles, and expectations when engaging with a grant writer.

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  • LGAS_Creative (Grant) Writing
  • 08/08/2024-12:00
  • 08/08/2024-13:00
  • Get as excited as our grant writers about putting words to paper! This session gets into the details of writing essentials from sentence structure to storytelling.

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  • LGAS_Seeking & Finding Grants
  • 08/20/2024-12:00
  • 08/20/2024-13:00
  • In this session, we will discuss various types of grant funding opportunities and how to find them.

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