Advanced Grant Writing Course Recap

Advanced Grant Writing Course Recap

This spring semester, Grant Centers’ Co-Director, Morgan Saunders, led our first Advanced Grant Writing microcredential course through Marshall University’s SkillsExchange program.

The eight-week course is a comprehensive program designed to elevate participants’ existing grant writing skills andapply them as they work through the grant application process in real-time. By the end of the course, participants have a complete and competitive grant proposal package to submit on behalf of their organization or entity.

From Tuesday, January 17, 2024, through March 5, 2024, enrolled participants met virtually once per week with Saunders to explore nuanced aspects of grant writing, including building budget narratives, data collection, and other advanced strategies to enhance their proposals. Although no textbook was required for this course, participants also connected weekly over assigned scholarly articles.

Bill Dunston, Senior Administrator at Bright Futures Learning Services, was among the first Advanced Grant Writing course cohort. Dunston said he learned about the Advanced Grant Writing course through Bright Futures, who sponsored his training.

“During this class, I wrote my first grant,” Dunston said. “It was a grant to support CARES, Autism Resources, offered by the Pallottine Foundation of Huntington. Funding decisions are expected in May.”

The grant was written as part of his job description, he added, and this new skill came with a learning curve. From identifying funding opportunities, to assembling data and budgets, and crafting compelling narratives, grant writing can be a complex — and often intimidating — process.

“My biggest obstacle has continued to be time,” Dunston said. “Adding a grant writing project to my day to day is not a small addition. Grant writing takes time and extreme attention to detail.”

Dunston said the Advanced Grant Writing course equipped him with several key tools and resources he needed to complete his first grant.

“Simply finding grants that fit your project idea/needs can be difficult,” Dunston said. “The content on where to find the grants and how to construct an LOI [Letter of Intent] were the items that I have added to my toolkit.”

Overall, Dunston said he found the course to be beneficial for his needs and scale.

“My goal was to understand the basics of grant writing and feel comfortable writing a smaller grant,” Dunston added. “That is specifically what happened.”

Advanced Grant Writing Course description:

The Advanced Grant Writing Micro-Credential Course is a comprehensive and specialized program designed to elevate the skills and expertise of individuals involved in the grant writing process. This dynamic course delves into advanced strategies, techniques, and best practices essential for crafting competitive grant proposals. With a focus on precision and innovation, this course equips learners with the tools to create impactful proposals, navigate diverse funding landscapes, and effectively communicate project objectives to potential funders.

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